Watch Our Showreels
Watch Our Showreels
Leverage video to maximize your brand presence:

The Media Mentor Hub

Learn the fundamentals of media and the impact it can have for your business.
Knowing where to begin with your media production journey can be a challenge. At The Media Mentor Hub, we offer you basic info to start boosting your marketing efforts today! Come back to this page frequently as we are always making updates.
If everything here seems like a lot, it's because video production is a big process! Let the pros at Tactus Media do what we do best, freeing up your time so you can run your business and serve your customers.

Ready? Let's get started.

First: Level up Your Zoom Skills
As many of us transition to a work-from-home environment, you may find yourself spending more time in front of the camera. This can be scary and challenging. In this webinar we will break down how to look more professional on camera, sound amazing and engage your audience more effectively.

From camera presence to equipment setup, this video will guide you through the fundamentals of making sure you're bringing your A Game to every Zoom meeting.
Download a PDF quick-reference covering the major themes in this tutorial: Video Background, Your Attire, Lighting and Audio Tips, Equipment Setup and Camera Presence
Step Two: The Next Eight Videos You Need to Make
Now that you've mastered recording yourself it's time to lay out your master plan.
Phase 1
Brand Video
Why did you start your company?
What do you offer your clients?
What makes you different?
Meet the Team
Who keeps the wheels turning?
Why are we passionate?
What are our interests?
Phase 2
Address clients' problems
Your solution
Next steps
State problem
Explain concept
Where to find more info
Promote upcoming events
Day-of coverage
Phase 3
Q+A Session
Answer common client questions
Company Culture
Why choose us?
Problem solved
Advice for others
Grab a detailed guide that will help you map out your plan for producing these essential video assets.
Get the Right Distribution
Plan to post your video on multiple channels to get the most out of your content
Considerations to optimize your presence on the major social platforms:

• Do you have an about video?
• What are you currently doing to highlight your products and services?
• What valuable video content could you create today that help your customers?

• Do you have a Company Page?
• How often do you engage with your audience?
• Are you currently running video ads? Are they working?

• How are you currently connecting with other professionals?
• What do you do to showcase your thought leadership in your industry?
• How many connections do you have?

• Where are your links sending your audience? eg: website, instagram, youtube channel, podcast
• How many pieces of content do you currently have?
• Do you have a business account to be able to upload video pins?
Stay Up-to-Date on Trends and Tools
The Tactus Media YouTube channel is filled with videos outlining best-practices, great ideas, and brand new tools that will give your videos an edge over the competition.
Subscribe to our channel now for notifications of new posts!
Use the Tools the Pros Use
From background music to stock video, the pros have their go-to resources. We'd love to share our favorites with you!
Royalty-free Music
License unlimited high-quality tracks for $12/mo
We love SongTub! With thousands of tracks to choose from, we're always able to find that perfect sound to compliment our video projects.

Use the promo code BRYAN when you check out for 1 month free!
Stock Video
Free stock video
Pexels is a nice option for those who are looking for some basic video options for their next project. Please see each clip for attribution requirements.
Need Images?
Free, beautiful stock photos
Nothing beats custom photography by a local photographer. But, Unsplash provides some variety for people who are in a pinch for images. See attribution requirements per each image.

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